I would like to welcome you to St. Dominic’s Community Response Projects Website, which I hope you find of value to you.  Our project began from very humble beginnings; it was parents in the community who came together with a common interest.  Their children were becoming involved in problematic substance use, mainly Opiates, and associated behaviours.  These parents came together to see how they could support their children and others in the community being impacted by the Heroin epidemic of the early to mid 90’s.

Today we have a very vibrant project that supports anyone whose lives have been impacted by problematic substance use.  We work in a very holistic way, believing  everyone can change and have the potential to recover form problematic substance use and associated behaviours, with supports and guidance.   St Dominic’s CRP focuses on the relationship a service user develops with their substance/ substances of choice, and the behaviours they have developed to maintain this relationship.  Our aim is to support service users to end this relationship and address unhealthy behaviours associated with their substance use.

Our team here at St Dominic’s CRP are skilled professionals who are highly trained in substance interventions treatments.  As a team we constantly up-skill and keep ourselves informed of the ever-changing trends in both substance use and recovery.  We operate within the Treatment and Rehabilitation pillar of the National Drugs Strategy.  Our project has charitable status, Registered Irish Charity No: 20043292, and is a company limited by guarantee, Company Registration No: 302199.

Please take the time to check out our Website to see what we can offer you.  If you are interested in what we can offer please make contact for support.  There is a way out of problematic substance use.  We can guide you in that direction and support you through the process.

Kind Regards,

Jamie Doran

Tel: (01) 4148632 / 462 0624

Mobile: 083 33 77129

Fax: (01) 4148633

Email: info@dominics.ie