Is substance use controlling and ruining your life….

Would you like to discover freedom from addiction for LIFE…?   If so St. Dominic’s Community Response Project is the place for you

 St Dominic’s Community Response Project has re-designed its 19.5 hour per week Special Category Community Employment (C.E.) Programme and currently have positions available.

The new criterion is aimed at those who are motivated towards leading a substance free lifestyle.  The basis of the new Treatment Preparation & Aftercare Programme is to prepare substance users for residential drug or alcohol treatment, and provide an aftercare support system on completion.  The programme will also support substance users who wish to detox off licit substances in the community.

 Criteria for Programme:

 Males & Females over 18yrs

  • Motivated Towards Seeking or Maintaining a Substance Free Status
  • Looking to Access Residential Detox or Rehabilitation Treatment

The programme provides support through group work and One to One basis.  We aim to prepare individuals both mentally and emotionally for the process of recovery

How to apply: Please contact St. Dominic’s Community Response Project on   01 4620624 / 01 414 8632 for more information and to make an appointment

 Nothing to lose, everything to gain!!