Mission Statement

St Dominic’s Community Response Project is a community based project set up to respond to problematic substance use in the area.  Our work is based on the belief that each person is of unique value and has the potential to wholeness of life.


Working as a team we aim to raise awareness of the impacts of substance use in our area.  We encourage substance users to look at the possibility of alternative healthier lifestyles.


We aim to create a safe, challenging, non-judgemental, supportive environment where those affected by substance use can reach their full potential.

Background To The Project

St Dominic’s Community Response Project was set up in 1995 to provide a positive and practical response to the deteriorating drugs situation / crisis within the St Dominic’s parish area (an area of approximately 3,500 households). The Project emerged from a real concern that local people had about the worsening drugs situation. There was a clear recognition of the need to develop a number of actions in relation to the drugs issue – actions which would be aimed at active / recovering drug users and actions aimed at people who were in danger of becoming involved in drugs.

The promoters of the project clearly identified the need to work on a number of different levels: to work with individual drug users, to work with families of drug users and to work with communities who may be effected by drug users.

Charitable Purpose:

The Project has a written constitution, which details it’s aims, objectives and decision-making structures. The project is a limited company with charitable status, Registered Irish Charity No. 20043292. The stated charitable purpose of St Dominic’s Community Response Project is “to provide a quality Drugs Rehabilitation service, free of charge, for the residents and former residents of St Dominic’s Parish, in Tallaght, Dublin who have been affected by problem drug use, of which the primary target group are those who are affected by heroin/opiate use and the secondary target group are those who are affected by any other problem drug use and the advancement of education in St Dominic’s Parish, Tallaght, Dublin, by providing drug awareness and rehabilitation support for problematic substance users and their families and also education and training which will enhance their life opportunities”.

Our voluntary board comprises of the following members:

  1. Local residents
  2. Local Councillor/TD
  3. Local business representative
  4. St. Dominic’s Parish representative
  5. Other relevant community representatives

Board Members:

  1. Brian Smith:                       Chairperson
  2. Rene Synnott:                    Treasurer
  3. Mary Purcell:                      Secretary
  4. Gerry Bates:                        Local Representative/ Justice
  5. Sean Crowe:                       TD for Dublin South-West
  6. Noel Mockler:                     Local Representative
  7. Sr Ruth Pilkington:           Dominican/ Community Representative