Background To The Project

St Dominic’s Community Response Project was set up in 1995 to provide a positive and practical response to the deteriorating drugs situation / crisis within the St Dominic’s parish area (an area of approximately 3,500 households). The Project has a written constitution, which details it’s aims, objectives and decision-making structures. The project is a limited company with charitable status, Registered charity CHY13693  and company registration number 302199.  Our voluntary board comprises of the following members:

  • Local residents
  • Local Councillor/TD
  • Local business representative
  • St. Dominic’s Parish representative
  • Other relevant community representatives

Rationale For Setting Up The Project

The Project emerged from a real concern that local people had about the worsening drugs situation. There was a clear recognition of the need to develop a number of actions in relation to the drugs issue – actions which would be aimed at active / recovering drug users and actions aimed at people who were in danger of becoming involved in drugs. The promoters of the project clearly identified the need to work on a number of different levels: to work with individual drug users, to work with families of drug users and to work with communities who may be effected by drug users.