Referral/ Assessment Process

The assessment process begins from  the time you contact the service for support, or we contact you after receiving a referral on your behalf from another agency.

Firstly, we will complete a Contact Form, taking basic details such as Full Name, Date of Birth, Address, Contact Details and brief exploration of your current substance and reasons for your interest in engaging in St Dominic’s CRP for support.  

  • Your information will be then added to our Waiting List and referral updated onto our Client Information System. 
  • You will be contacted on a weekly basis to update you on where you are on the Waiting list. 
  • If referred by an agency on your behalf they can be given updates on your position on the Waiting List also.

When a position becomes available on one of the Therapeutic Teams Caseloads and you are next on the Waiting List you will be contacted by that worker and an Assessment appointment will be booked.  

This appointment entails:

  • Covering and signing our Service User Charter of Rights, highlighting expectations between you and the service when engaging for support
  • Completing a Comprehensive Assessment form to identify your needs
  • Exploration of current and historical substance use
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Risk Assessment
  • Next of Kin
  • Identifying external agency involvement (if any)
  • Signing our Consent Form to liaise with external agencies on your behalf (if agreed) 
  • A plan to support any changes identified 
  • Booking your next weekly appointment

Once you are on a workers caseload you will be offered regular weekly sessions to support your treatment plan until you either complete your treatment plan and no longer require the support of the service, or you disengage from the service and do not keep regular attendance.

If you disengage from support and come off your workers caseload, you will be put back to the bottom of the Waiting List if you make contact again seeking support.