St Dominic’s Community Response Project continues to support the most vulnerable people involved in, or impacted by problematic substance use.  The project offers a range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of those impacted by substance use.  St Dominic’s will continue to support individuals to stabilise in their substance use, reduce their substance use, or become substance free.

Our objective is to progress individuals form dependence on to independence from substance use.  It was necessary for us to evaluate our criteria and approach to create an environment where clients can effectively address their substance use while promoting a substance free status.   In our opinion we have developed a unique and effective way of doing this.

The core aim of our approach is to fully prepare individuals both mentally and emotionally for the journey to leading a substance free lifestyle.  We believe the more aware a person is the quicker change will happen.  Education is a huge element of our approach to start this journey. Our objective is to provide service users with a solid foundation, heightened awareness and an individually tailored treatment plan to fully prepare service users to recovery from problem substance use.