St Dominic’s Community Response Project continues to support the most vulnerable people in addiction.  The project offers a range of services tailored to meet specific needs of those most affected by substance use.  St Dominic’s will continue to support individuals to stabilise in their substance use, however this support will now be provided on a One to One basis instead of a structured day programme.

Throughout 2014 the organisation has restructured the C.E. based programme to make it more effective and progressive for its service users.  Our objective is to progress individuals form dependence, to independence from substance use and addiction services.  It was necessary for us to tighten our criteria to create a safer environment for individuals to address their addictions and maintain a substance free status.

The newly designed Treatment Preparation & Aftercare Programme aims to fully prepare individuals, both mentally and emotionally for the journey to lead a substance free lifestyle.  We will support individuals on completion of residential treatment to maintain their recovery and progress away from addiction services towards education & employment.