Criteria for Engaging in St Dominic’s for Support:

Below is the criterion/ expectations an individual will be asked to commit to when engaging in St Dominic’s CRP for support:

  • Males & Females over 18yrs
  • Sign off on Understanding our Service User Charter of Rights, including Confidentiality
  • Engage in the Comprehensive Assessment Process
  • Motivated Towards Changing Your Current Substance Use/ Behaviour
  • Demonstrate a Willingness and Openness in Sessions
  • Consistent Attendance of Booked Appointments
  • Communication if Unable to Attend Appointment 
  • Good Punctuality
  • No Affected Behaviour in Sessions
  • Adhering to Set Care Plans
  • Compliance with Mental Health Medication to best engage in the Therapeutic Process
  • Consent to Liaise with Prescribing G.P.’s for Community Detox
  • Consent to Liaise with Mental Health Service’s (if required)