Therapeutic Groups

St Dominic’s Community Response Projects groups are ran on a needs basis.  We no longer run a Special Category Community Employment Programme, therefore we have full control and fluidity over our Therapeutic Groups.

Groups are developed on an evaluation basis of the needs, along with substance use trends within our current service users.   All of our groups are designed to increase awareness and promote skills and tools to manage change.   Group facilitators deliver groups in a creative way and all have individual styles which will meet the varied needs of group members.  Groups can vary from 4 – 6 week educational work shops, to 10 – 16 weeks programmes depending on the needs of service users.  Our approach to treating problematic substance use is at the core of all our group work. 

Therapeutic Groups Include:

  • Recovery Awareness Programme (10 – 12 Weeks)
  • Choice Theory
  • Mental & Emotional Well Being (CBT)
  • Treatment Preparation
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Cravings
  • Substance User V Recovery Toolbox
  • Guest Speakers (Recovery)
  • Pleasure & Relationship with Substances (Janus Solutions)
  • Topic Groups
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Cocaine Awareness
  • Alcohol Awareness