One to One Support

St Dominic’s Community Response Project continues to have an open door policy, working with the most vulnerable people involved in problem substance use.  We have no criteria regarding types or amounts of drug or alcohol use when referring for One to One support.

Our service prides itself in having a tailored approach when treating problematic substance use.  We do not label, or provide service users with further justifications by using terminology such as addiction, addicts etc.   Instead we focus on the relationship you have developed with your substance/ substances of choice and aim to educate you with the tools and skills to be able to manage ending this relationship.

In One to One sessions you can expect:

  • A Treatment Plan 
  • Empathy
  • Support/ Guidance
  • Education around your substance/s of choice and their effects
  • Education on Dopamine/ Serotonin 
  • New healthier coping skills
  • Tools to manage Cravings
  • Encouragement to Change
  • Encouragement to Increase Pro Social Outlets
  • Encouragement to Increase Supports
  • To be Challenged around Choices and Behaviours
  • Education on Thoughts, Emotions & Behaviours
  • Not to be Colluded with Regarding your Substance Use and Associated Behaviours 

One to One sessions are booked weekly and attendance for sessions is really important to continue consistent support with your treatment plan and make the desired changes.  If extra support is deemed necessary by the Therapeutic Team, increased supports will be made available.