St Dominic’s Community Response Project will continue to have an open door policy, working with the most vulnerable people in addiction with no criteria regarding drug or alcohol use when referring someone for One to One support.

We would request when referring someone for the Treatment Preparation & Aftercare Programme element of the service that you ensure the individual has a desire to become drug or alcohol free.

You can refer someone by emailing, posting or faxing the programme referral form to the service (Referral form attached Treatment Prep Programme Referral Form (1)).  St Dominic’s Community Response also accepts clients details by phone with consent from your client, or you can provide them with our details and they can self-refer by phoning or dropping into the service.

When a client’s information is received it will be brought to a client meeting each Tuesday afternoon and allocated to one of our therapeutic team here in the service.  One of our project workers will then contact the individual by phone to arrange an appointment for assessment.

Our initial contact assessment covers Confidentiality, Service User Charter of Rights, and a Comprehensive Assessment to obtain relevant information to help us best support the individual.  Our comprehensive assessment covers everything from general information, physical & mental health status, to family background and risk assessment.  St Dominic’s Community Response assessment process is both QUADS and HRB compliant.