St Dominic’s Community Response Project has re-designed its 19.5 hour per week Special Category Community Employment (C.E.) Programme.

St Dominic’s Community Response Project has supported active substance users for almost 20 years, something we are very proud of and will continue to do.  However, for the purpose of our C.E. based programme we have now changed the criteria to provide a more effective and progressive path way to recovery.

Our new criterion is aimed at those who are motivated towards leading a substance free lifestyle.  The basis of our new Treatment Preparation & Aftercare Programme is to prepare substance users for residential drug or alcohol treatment, and provide an aftercare support system on completion.  The programme will also support substance users who wish to detox off licit substances in the community.

It has been identified that substance users, especially those accessing treatment for the first time are not fully prepared for the process.  Some consequences for those who are not fully prepared for this journey can often be them not completing treatment, or relapsing shortly after release.  Our objective through treatment preparation is to help break this cycle.